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  • Our Policy.
    We take seriously the protection of privacy of the users of the Website. This Privacy Policy Statement explains our privacy practices.
    We promise to respect your privacy when collecting, storing and transmitting personal data.
  • Collection of Personal Data.

    You may need to register, pay a fee and/or provide personal data in order to have access to certain Information or Services on the Website. Refusal to supply personal data may result in lighting86.com being unable to process the request.

    Whenever you submit enquiries or feedback to us, it will require your personal data which will then be recorded and collated by us.
    Personal data may also be collected in the ordinary course of the other operations available on the Website, such as from users who post any information in the "lighting market" "lighting catalog" and "lighting directory" Service.

    We shall make a record of your visit to the Website that shows the domain name server address part of your email address and of the pages visited. We only collect aggregate information about the number and types of visitors by reference to their domain name server address. This information is used by us for preparing general statistics on the usage of our Website.

  • Use of Personal Data.

    The main purposes for which personal data may be used by us are:

    * processing your application or registration for Services, order, enquiry or feedback
    * incorporation into lighting86's database
    * provision of contacts and business details in response to enquiries
    * lighting86's operations
    * marketing services
    * meeting requirements to make disclosure under any law applicable in China
    * auditing
    * other related purposes

  • Disclosure to Third Parties.

    Personal data held by lighting86 will be kept confidential but lighting86 may provide such information to:

    * any personnel, agent, adviser, auditor, contractor or service provider who provides services or advice to lighting86 in connection with lighting86's operations
    * any person under a duty of confidentiality to lighting86
    * any person to whom lighting86 is required to make disclosure under any law applicable in China
    * any actual or proposed transferee or participant of lighting86's operations

    Payment information may be provided to banks and other financial institutions in connection with the collection of payments.

    You should also note that the privacy protection stated in this Privacy Policy Statement does not apply to Information which has been passed to third parties in the course of providing the Services (e.g. Information may be passed to vendors of products to be sold on-line), and we are not responsible for the privacy protection or lack thereof on the part of such third parties.

  • Marketing.

    From time to time, we may conduct direct marketing of lighting86's products or services via faxes, e-mails, direct mails, tele-marketing and/or other forms of communication to you. You may choose to opt-out of receiving such promotional material.

    In order to fully enjoy the services of the Website, we encourage you to receive such promotional materials which have been specially prepared for you.

  • Cookies.

    Cookies are used by some websites to track or modify a user's interaction with the site based on information sent by the user's internet browser to the server. These cookies may be saved permanently on the user's personal computer.

    The Website does use cookies. Cookies are essential for the functioning of certain applications and services; if use of cookies is disabled on your browser, it will have an adverse effect on your enjoyment of the Website.

    We also collect statistics on pages viewed on the Website and usage patterns in order that we may measure traffic, gauge the popularity of various parts of the Website and gain some general statistics about our users and market the Website to advertisers, with whom we may share summarized traffic data. This information does not identify you as an individual.

  • Security.

    Where personal data is stored electronically, it will be kept in a password-protected form. Personal data, whether stored in electronic form on computers or in hard-copy form will be accessible only by authorized employees of Kenfor Information Ltd. Employees designated to handle personal data will be made acquainted with this Privacy Policy Statement and told how to fulfil our obligations to you.

  • Data Retention.

    Lighting86 retains personal data so long as the data is still required for the purposes mentioned above.

    We reserve the right to retain copies for archival purposes indefinitely.

  • Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

    Under this Ordinance, you may have the right:

    * to check whether lighting86 holds data about you and to access such data
    * to require lighting86 to correct any inaccurate data relating to you
    * to ascertain lighting86's policies and practices in relation to personal data and the kind of personal data held by lighting86

    Lighting86 may charge a reasonable fee for processing any data access request.

  • Data Requests, Questions and Complaints.
    Data access or correction requests and questions or complaints should be addressed to: info@lighting86.com